Thursday, June 21, 2012

Russian women in panties

And, hiding the stolen item on the run, Max went to her mother's room. She took her son literally with tears in his eyes. After all, he still remained to her a little Maximiliano. She worried about everything - how to run his business, who cleans the house, as he eats. But is particularly worried about Victoria, truth russian women that he stopped going to the office. After Antonio, spite of everything, and promised not to expel her from the office of Max.
Max calmed his mother, telling how he got a job, but to walk into the office flatly refused. He did not want more depending on the person, whom he hated more than anyone else in the world. Did the mother does not remember what Antonio had stripped him of home? It is necessary that the son felt humiliated every day by meeting with this person? No, that will not happen.
Victoria, sexy russian older women tried to protest, reminding Max that he himself is largely to blame - after all, he cared for his wife
Now Max has to portray a tantrum. It should be  an impression on the mother, because she believes it faster. He looked reproachfully at Vikotoriyu and angrily said:
- She's the very beginning of it all as soon as there was here. We did so because she was afraid that I will reveal the whole truth. The type, which, together with her all planned already here in Acapulco. And if Antonio will be one more attempt, do not waste time searching for the culprit. He's here - in this house.
After going down ... to the living room, Raquel, song russian girls found there in the arms of Alejandra stranger. Alejandra said Raquel happy, skinny russian women, it came to her fiance, race car driver Rafael Garcia. They met with him last year in Miami, but Alejandra's parents opposed the marriage. Alejandra gave the word to his bride that if she did not allow to marry him, she just run away with him.
Raquel did not know what to say this good Russian girl. She was still impressed by the encounter with Max and also knew that in love affairs is very dangerous to give any advice.
- What are you doing here? - There was a sudden sharp cry behind their backs. - Get out of here!

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